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Dr H.J BALLARD [ hypoxia, skeletal muscle blood flow]

Dr HJ Ballard

Dr H.J BALLARD [ The University of Hong Kong ]

Tel: (852) 2819 9232

E-mail: ballard [at] hku [dot] hk

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My research is focused on the cardiovascular responses to hypoxia or exercise, particularly, the mechanisms that control the blood flow to skeletal muscle under these conditions.

Professor Yiu-fai CHEUNG [ paediatrics, congenital heart disease ]

Prof Y F Cheung

Professor Yiu-fai CHEUNG [ The University of Hong Kong ]

Tel: (852) 2255 4090

E-mail: xfcheung [at] hku [dot] hk

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Paediatric cardiovascular science is the major area of Professor Yiu-fai Cheung's research, the scope of which encompasses three domains: (i) congenital heart disease, (ii) acquired heart disease, and (iii) vascular function in health and disease.

His primary research interests include:

  • arterial stiffness in children and adolescents in health and disease
  • ventricular function in congenital heart disease and after its surgical repair
  • ventriculo-arterial interaction

Clinical research

  1. Novel echocardiographic assessment of ventricular volume and function in congenital heart disease
  2. Biomarkers of ventricular function in congenital heart disease
  3. Long-term outcomes of congenital heart disease
  4. Vascular health in children and teenagers in health and disease
  5. Cardiovascular risk factors in children after Kawasaki disease

Basic research

  1. genetics of congenital heart disease and arterial stiffness and Kawasaki disease
  2. mechanisms of iron overload cardiomyopathy

Dr Man Lung FUNG [ hypoxia ]

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Dr Man Lung FUNG [ The University of Hong Kong ]

Tel: (852) 2819 9234

E-mail: fungml [at] hku [dot] hk

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The main theme of my research is hypoxia from physiological adaptation to pathophysiology. Research focuses are on several directions including the ionic mechanisms related to the brain function in hypoxia, and molecular to cellular mechanisms related to cardiopulmonary functions.

Dr. Maurice Ping LEUNG [ - ]

Dr Maurice Leung

Dr Maurice Ping LEUNG [ Private Medicine]

Tel: (852) 3651 1836; Mobile: (852) 9040 9027

E-mail: mpleung [at] hku [dot] hk

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No information available.

Dr Judith Choi Wo MAK [ pulmonary disease (COPD) ]

Dr Judith Mak

Dr Judith Choi Wo MAK [ The University of Hong Kong ]

Tel: (852) 2255 5886; Mobile: (852) 9402 7849

E-mail: judithmak [at] hku [dot] hk

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My current research interests focus on the role of oxidative stress and inflammation in various airway diseases, particularly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The ultimate aim is to understand the pathogenesis and to develop novel drugs for treatment. I have now set up an in vivo rat model to investigate the effects of cigarette smoke exposure on oxidant/antioxidant status, markers of inflammation, and the morphological changes of the lungs. Using this model, potential antioxidant benefits of Chinese green tea (Lung Chen) or other potential antioxidants in comparison to the efficacy with N-acetylcysteine, a well-known antioxidant, can be evaluated on the specific signaling pathways of cigarette smoke-induced biochemical and morphological changes. Another in vivo rat model to study the effects of intermittent hypoxia, a hallmark feature of OSA, and hyperlipidemia has also been set up for elucidating the bi-directional interaction leading to endothelial dysfunction and cardiovascular disease.

Dr Eva HC TANG [ prostaglandins, endothelial dysfunction ]

Dr Eva Tang

Dr Eva HC TANG [ The University of Hong Kong ]

Tel: (852) 2816 9017

E-mail: evatang1 [at] hku [dot] hk

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  • The role of prostaglandins and their receptors in adipose tissue inflammation
  • Anti-inflammatory role of prostaglandin E receptor (EP4) in atherosclerosis, abdominal aortic aneurysm and obesity
  • Endothelial dysfunction in the vascular system, endothelium-dependent contractions in hypertension, TP receptor antagonists in the treatment of endothelial dysfunction

Professor Paul M VANHOUTTE [ endothelium-dependent relaxations ]

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Professor Paul M VANHOUTTE [ The University of Hong Kong ]

Tel: (852) 2819 9250

E-mail: vanhoutt [at] hku [dot] hk

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Cardiovascular pharmacology and therapeutics in particular endothelium-dependent relaxations, hyperpolarizations and contractions.

Professor Xiaoqiang YAO [ ion channels, immunoprecipitation ]

Prof Yao

Professor Xiaoqiang YAO [ Chinese University of Hong Kong ]

Tel: (852) 2609 6877


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My main interest is on ion channels in cardiovascular and central nervous systems. These include TRP (transient receptor potassium) channels, CNG (cyclic nucleotide-gated) channels and K+ channels. We employ the methods of molecular cloning, immunoprecipitation, electrophysiology (patch clamp and sharp electrode recording), Ca2+ imaging, fluorescence resonance fluorescence technology and vascular tension measurement.