Institute of Cardiovascular Science and Medicine ::Hong Kong


The Officers of the Institute comprise a Director, Deputy Director, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. The Council consists of the Officers, the immediate Former Director (if available), and three to six Council Members. The Council is elected by the members of the Institute, and serves for a two-year term. The duty of the Council is to carry on the work of the Institute according to its Mission, Objectives, By-Laws and Regulations. The present members of the Council are:

Professor BMY Cheung 張文勇教授
Deputy Director:
Professor Ken Boheler
Honorary Secretary:
Dr. SWS Leung 梁慧心博士
Honorary Treasurer:
Dr. KKH Yiu 姚啟恆博士

Council Members:

Dr HJ Ballard 白思雅博士
Dr MPH Chan 陳栢羲博士
Dr ML Fung 馮文龍博士
Professor Y. Huang 黃聿教授
Dr GPH Leung 梁柏行博士
Professor RA Li 李登偉教授

Honorary Legal Advisor:
Mrs Peggy Cheung 張呂寶兒律師

Conference Organisers